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Cataract Treatment At Central New York Optometry – Your Optometrist in New Hartford

Cataracts are most common in older people, but they can occur at any age. There's no need to suffer with cataracts, though. Your New Hartford eye doctor can treat your cataracts so that you can keep on looking forward.

senior with cataract in eye

What Are Cataracts?

The lens in the eye is what focuses light and allows you to see. It is made up mostly of water and proteins. Sometimes, because of aging or disease, the proteins start to clump together instead of remaining in their usual ordered form. This creates a small cloudy spot that tends to grow larger over time as more proteins clump up.

Symptoms and Signs of Cataracts

Typically, cataracts develop slowly, over time. Your vision may change in a number of ways, including increasing blurriness and glare from certain light sources. Double vision and changes in your perception of colors may also occur. Eyeglasses or contacts that were working for you may no longer work.

There are different types of cataracts, and the symptoms you experience may depend on which type you have. Your Utica eye doctor can tell you if you have cataracts and what type they may be. A senior eye exam, it is customary to look for signs of cataracts, so you might find out this way.

Prevention Tips from Your Eye Doctor in Utica

Cataracts can be caused by aging, or they can be secondary conditions related to another issue. For example, having diabetes is a risk factor for developing cataracts, especially if your diabetes is poorly controlled. Your eye doctor in Utica can advice you if you have risk factors for cataracts but do not yet have the condition.

Eye disease management can be approached from several different directions. Whole body health involves things like controlling diabetes and cardiovascular health. Eating a healthy diet is implicated in improved eye health. Eye-specific prevention measures include things like protecting your eyes from UV light. Your Utica eye exam is also an important place to receive news about risk factors you may have and what you can do to prevent future issues.

Cataract Treatment

When the condition is just beginning, cataract treatment in Utica may only involve a different prescription or another type of glasses or contacts. As the condition progresses, surgery is the treatment of choice. Surgical removal of the clouded lens removes the cataract entirely and allows normal vision. In fact, because the lens is replaced with a synthetic one that is a lot like a permanent contact, you may have better vision afterward than you've had in years.

Call Central New York Optometry P.L.L.C. for Your New Hartford Cataract Treatment Today

If you are beginning to wonder if you have cataracts, or you know you have cataracts and need further treatment, call Central New York Optometry P.L.L.C. today at 315-735-7590. Our experienced doctors cover a full range of eye care needs and treat patents from all over the New Hartford area. For New Hartford cataract treatment, we are a great choice as a professional facility with a personal touch that can cater to your overall eye care needs.