Dry Eye Therapy

Dry Eye Treatment with our New Hartford Eye Doctor

Dry eye occurs when there is a problem with your eyes’ basal tears, which are the tears that are present in your eyes all the time. Basal tears help keep your eyes hydrated and lubricated. When there is a problem with your basal tears, your eyes become dry, itchy and scratchy. Thankfully, Our New Hartford eye doctor offers dry eye treatment so that you can see clearly and comfortably.

Woman experiencing dry eye outdoors.

Dry Eye Causes Treated by our Eye Doctor in New Hartford

Dry eye typically occurs when there are not enough basal tears produced by your eyes or when the composition of the tears is inadequate and they evaporate too quickly. Our eye doctor in New Hartford can identify the cause of your dry eye and recommend a treatment to soothe your eyes and keep them lubricated.

If your eyes do not make enough basal tears, the condition could be caused by the aging process, the medications you take, a medical condition or chronic illness or a problem with the tear glands in your eyelids.

If your dry eye is caused by tears that evaporate too quickly, your environment may be to blame. Individuals that work outside or in windy conditions can experience dry eye symptoms. If you work on a computer or stare at a mobile digital device, you may not be blinking enough. You may also have a functional problem with your eyelids that prevents them from closing all the way or causes them to turn inward or outward.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

  • Blurry Vision
  • Burning
  • Excessive tearing
  • Glare while driving at night
  • Gritty or Sandy Feeling
  • Itching Redness
  • Light Sensitivity

Dry Eye Therapy in New Hartford

Our New Hartford and Utica eye doctor offers dry eye therapy and treatments. Our eye doctor usually recommends the least invasive dry eye treatments first. This means that we will probably prescribe eye drops and ointments to help keep your eyes hydrated and lubricated. The eye drops are typically used throughout the day while the creams and ointments are used at night.

If any of your medications list dry eye as a symptom, our eye doctor may recommend talking to your family doctor about switching to a medicine that is less likely to affect the hydration and lubrication of your eyes.

Additionally, it has been shown that taking certain supplements, like fish oil, can help with the symptoms of dry eye and our eye doctor can tell you more about these fairly recent findings.

As you progress through your dry eye treatment, our eye doctor will want to periodically monitor your condition to ensure that the drops and creams are working and that you are not experiencing any more symptoms of dry eye.

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